Why Meditate

How Meditation Helps – The solution


Meditation is a discipline that develops awareness, focus and concentration.   It helps us become aware and sensitive to our emotions, thoughts and reactions.  It cultivates the ability to see more clearly what is really happening and increases the chances of constructive action rather than a reactive response.


A successful and meaningful life depends upon our ability to:

  • Compassion and Self-Compassion:   Our ability to see the imperfections, frailty and insecurity of ourselves and others and care enough to continually look for balanced and kind responses
  • Emotional Intelligence:  Our ability to be aware of our emotions and the emotions of others and to manage those emotions effectively. 

Letting Go

  • Letting go is about letting go of a story line.  We are not our stories.   We need to let go of the stories and enjoy whatever is present in each and every moment.   Sometimes these stories are about:
    • How we would like life to be.
    • How we or they should have done or could have done things
    • If only

The Problem

What happens to generate stress:

We are all faced with challenging circumstances.  This is inevitable.  Unfortunately when negative circumstances occur  our responses and reactions can sometimes make the situation worse.  The chain reaction:

  • Unwanted Circumstance
  • We judge and label
  • We blame ourselves – and feel guilt and shame
  • We blame others – and feel hatred and anger
  • We dramatize and exaggerate
  • Our emotions are triggered
  • Our blood pressure and heart rate increases
  • We are anxious and make bad decisions
  • We create more unwanted circumstances


How Meditation Works